ΛVΛ, dvoark

git checkout --orphan gh-pages
git rm .

periodic table
electronegativity, atomic radius 

Why doesn't bash autoident like node?
For example type the folowing into bash.  Notice the second line 

if [ 1 -eq 1 ]
echo true

What are the maximum number of arguments in bash?
Maximum string length node.js and python?,visualbasic.html

case sensitivity windows
indiana jones movie
back to the future time travel
metric system USA
use facebook for content control system
use tablet as iphone with chart,,,, $129 $129 ci.GL

x86 vs x64 is silly. higher number should refer to the newer version 
not the older version.
Filename characters

If you want Linux to become successful create a way to run Linux seamless 
inside Windows.
These solutions sort of work.
 - Cygwin(doesn't support file descriptors)
 - VirtualBox(internet goes down
 - to Combine Cygwin and VirtualBox such that they run you x and run entirely in RAM)
chmod 766 setup-x86_64.exe
How do I recursively search in Linux and Windows?

Boot TinyCore Linux with 
terminal ' xvesa=800x400x32'
monitor  ' xvesa='
"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" setextradata global GUI/Customizations noMenuBar,noStatusBar
"C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe" setextradata global GUI/Customizations MenuBar,StatusBar
Alt+Home &

Shared Folders 

Bo Davis
Ric Fulop, Brian Shin, Josh Miller and C.J. Johnson
Ahmed Shuja, Dan Cremons, Dan Shelly, Ford, Beckenbaurer

Do you have to be a genius for maths
A Tale of A Post-modern Genius
How a Genius Think
John Locke | David Hume

Mark Shuttleworth

Students into programming

Professional Programmers
Printf vs echo

 - Mathematica doesn't search complete files but has keywords by TaggingRules
 - Google(have to make sure it indexes everything)
The Princeton Companion to Mathematics
What is Mathematicas?  An Elementary Approach to Ideas and Methods?
JS should support multiline strings and pattern matching.
python -c 'import sys; sys.stdout.write("\x00")' | wc -c
Null not supported when assigned to variable in bash.

enable case sensitivity, install cygwin(fix pageup/pagedown), 

How do I ex

associate .sh files, 

Should aliases be in separate namespace? 
No because that would require 2 ways to set vars.
  ls='echo test'
Environment variables like PATH should be in 
separate namespace maybe J.$.PATH

by default only variables in double quotes are replaced unless it is only variable by itself
  echo $test
Integers are passed as integers like
!fn 1 2

function ls$minus$(){this;arguments;}

a-b $a;  J.a$minus$b(a)(); 
$a-b $a; J(a$minus$b,a)();
(a-b);   a-b;

If a line is a shell command then the line doesn't 
have to end with a semicolon all other commands must 
otherwise the following could do multiple things

1+ 2

$fn 1 2 3

ls -a | function(){this.split('\n')}

ls -a $test | echo;
ls -a $test | echo | echo;
//undefined is empty string
a=`ls -a`;
a=$("ls -a")()

ls -a | echo test

!ls 1 2 3

!fs.readFile "test.js" &

fs\.readFile "test.js"
fs$period$readFile "test.js"

var fs\.readFile=`test`;
var fs$period$readFile='test';


Defining and executing a Javascript function 
in the background still blocks the OS.

1 problem `yes | head -3 | tail -1` doesn't work as is.

jsh jss jssh dish bush wash mash hash wish push mesh josh rush


// can't be /\&^$!`();:=|><.,'"
// can be *%#@~+{}-_?
g++=`echo g++`
var g$plus$$plus$ = B("echo g++");

// can't be /\&!`();=|><'"
// can be *%#@~+{}-_?.,:^
alias g++='echo g++'
var g++=`echo g++`;
var $test='test';
var g$plus$$plus$ = J("echo g++");

console.log `fs!readFileSync test`

 - would distingush between -options values int double & floats
 - would remove all shell shortcuts <,<<,>,|| but |(pipe).
 - would use \ for directories so / can be used for division(Yes I'm sorry)
 - would have built in key value storage for distinguishing for example
 rm -rf --file init.m - would construct {"-rf","--help"->"init.m","-"}
subtraction uses
 - either ~ would be used for subtration or a trailing "-" would have 
   to be quoted like  wget  
 - cd / would be a special case
  rm -rf \file1\fiel2\file3 / echo -e
NSSTring ~stringWithFormat a,b,c
s = "test"
s ~append s2 

It is really quiet funny the shell in a sense supports optional arguments
very few modern languages support optional arguments

In addition no dashes should be allowed so you can do subtraction I think.
English is better then Spanish for programming because you don't have gender
 and article disagreement.

sudo apt-get_$    sudo@apt`get_$[`install,{lib}]
sudo apt-get_$    sudo apt`get$underscore$$dollar$ install lib
#sudo apt-get install; 
echot test
rm -rf *
if( (test=#ls -a;)!=0  ){
  echo test
} Use `` to escape `[` `n` `r` `t` `" `Space Ti`backtick`imes\[[a, Rational[1, -2], "test"] git is cool but IMO it should support easy scrubbing to see how directory structures and unqique files have changed overtime.